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Advanced Search . Using search in Jira Software can help you gain key project insights and answer questions that are relevant to the team. The three flavors of search in Jira—quick, basic, and advanced—can help you find important information about your projects.
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GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
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The Aha! mockups tool helps your team visualize design concepts using wireframes and diagrams. With mockups, your team can create and share visual concepts in the same tool you use for building roadmaps, setting strategy, and planning work. The mockups tool is built on the Draw.io open source project. The drag-and-drop functionality, combined ...
nuwen-mingw-without-git: 17.1: nuwen MinGW Distro by Stephan T. Lavavej (GNU toolchain variant, without git) GPL-2.0: nvm-windows: 1.1.7: This is a fork of nvm-windows, removed elevated permission, for low permission scoop user. MIT: obs-classic: 0.659b GPL-2.0: officetoolplus: Office Tool Plus is a tool for managing, downloading and ... Lucidchart is a visual workspace that combines diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration. The web-based interface allows everyone to work visually and collaborate in real time while building flowcharts, product roadmaps, and other visuals. Lucidchart offers a wide range of templates for org charts, marketing funnels, account maps, network architecture, and... Integrates MXGraph / Draw.io into Neos as Node Type for creating interactive diagrams and flowcharts. Thanks to the awesome people from MXGraph / Draw.io - without them this project would not be possible. Demo. Features. provides a Node Type "Diagram" which contains the rendered representation for the diagram and the internal xml code
Integrate business logic into web applications by building and coding a powerful backend. Technologies: JavaScript (ES6+), Node.js, Asynchronous Programming, HTTP, RESTful APIs, ExpressJS, Authentication and Security, Filesystem Operations, Automated testing, Build tooling. Learn how draw.io integrates with the apps you use to deliver high functionality & increase productivity. ... draw.io offers a supported integration with GitHub. Learn more Review Integration. Atlassian Confluence 31 . Create, organize, and discuss work with your team.
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Draw.io VS Code Integration. This unofficial extension integrates Draw.io into VS Code. Features. Edit .drawio, .dio, .drawio.svg or .drawio.png files in the Draw.io editor. To create a new diagram, simply create an empty *.drawio, *.drawio.svg or *.drawio.png file and open it!.drawio.svg are valid .svg files that can be embedded in Github readme files! No export needed. Depending on your preference, draw.io files are stored in your Google Drive, GitHub, DropBox, OneDrive or device meaning that deleting or organising diagrams into folders is best done directly in your storage browser. You can also rename files from here. DevOps: Bash - Git & rebase - Github - Docker & Docker-compose - Traefik - Datadog - Jenkins - OpenAPI - Swagger IDE & software tools: PHPStorm - Golang - Postman / Insomnia - Draw. IO to quickly create a visual diagram or model can go a long way towards increasing your team’s efficiency and improving their effectiveness. io is standalone ...
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