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Grace Thomson, 2, healthy child. Daughter to Elizabeth Thomson and born within the British lines. Billy Thomson, 4 months, healthy child. Daughter to Elizabeth Thomson and born within the British lines. Charles Thompson, 33, stout fellow. Formerly the property of John Ustus of Northumberland County, Virginia; left him 7 years ago. GBC.
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Alston, Elizabeth Married Abraham Norfleet ABT 1811 Place as shown in GEDCOM file: Nansemond County,Va Obtain the GEDCOM file in new tab from that website (free). Then search ($) Archives for Elizabeth Alston. Arnold, Emily Susan Married Thomas Gordon Elam 2 JUN 1870 Place as shown in GEDCOM file: Nansemond County,Va
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Under the Virginia Company of London, in 1619, the area which became Nansemond County was included in Elizabeth Cittie , one of four large "boroughs", or "incorporations". In 1624, the Virginia Company lost its proprietary charter, and Virginia became a royal colony.
In 1678 John Scott and Elizabeth Scott witnessed the marriage of Nathan Newby and Elizabeth Hollowell. In 1682, John Scott, son of William Scott of Chuckatuck in Nansemond County, married Elizabeth Belson, daughter of Elizabeth Belson of Nansemond County. Present at the wedding was John’s brother William Scott.
Jan 23, 2010 · By 1647, Michael emigrated to America, initially a bond-servant to John Wright of Nansemond Co., VA. ~1650 Michael married Elizabeth in VA. 5/10/1667, “To all whereas now know ye that the said Sir William Berkeley, Lt. Governor, does give and grant unto Michael King three hundred acres of land lying in the Upper Parish of the county of ... Sep 02, 2015 · HOPKIN HOWELL, 400 acs. Nansemond Co., 12 Jan. 1653, [Patent Book No. 3] p. 226. Upon the head of New Towne haven Riv. 200 acs. part near the beavor dams & bordering land hereafter mentioned, running by John Thomas' land &c; and 100 acs. beg from the first mentioned, etc. 200 acs. granted unto Peter Johnson, 23 May 1642 & purchased of the assignees of sd. Johnson; & 200 acs. for trans, of 4 ... Sep 23, 2017 · The mid 1600s was a transformational period for the Nansemond people. After a series of violent conflicts between the Powhatan Chiefdom and English colonists, the Nansemond community was divided between those who chose to assimilate to a "Christianized" lifestyle and those who chose to remain "traditional."1 As the Nansemond people were displaced from their ancestral…
Dec 20, 2018 · The Nansemond concerns are about whether the Pamunkey have enough ties to Norfolk to develop the land. ... “While the tribe will have hopefully approximately 20 acres along the Elizabeth River ...
Japheth Edward Rawls was born at Holy Neck, Nansemond County, Virginia, February 15, 1875. After preparatory courses in the public schools, he entered Elon College, at Elon, North Carolina, in the fall of 1889, and was graduated there from with the degree of A. B., with high honor in the class of 1896. Nansemond River Golf Club. Gather on The River for an Unparalleled Golfing Experience. Scenery plus water plus golf – it doesn’t get any better than that for playing excitement and that’s what you’ll find at Nansemond River Golf Club in Suffolk, Va., the region’s premier waterfront golf course.
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