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Production Product Mix : Determine how many products of each type to assemble from certain parts to maximize profits while not exceeding available parts inventory Machine Allocation : Allocate production of a product to different machines, with different capacities, startup cost and operating cost, to meet production target at minimum cost
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Nov 28, 2017 · Find the Reorder Point column for this product or material (3rd column from the left); and. 4. Enter the desired Reorder Point level for this product or material. This reorder point for your product or material can now be seen in the "Inventory" list. It is used in calculating your "Missing/Excess" inventory level. See the process in this handy ...
Average costs can be directly compared with price to compute profitability: if the price is higher than average cost, the production is profitable. Total profitswill be given by multiplying the average profit with the quantity produced and sold. Identically, total profitscan be obtain as total revenues less total costs. Capacity Utilization. Capacity utilization is a percentage measure or KPI which indicates the amount of available capacity that is being used to supply current demand. It is a good indicator of business and market conditions as when times are good most plants are able to run at close to 70-80% capacity utilization and in some cases all the way up to 100%. In response to a cost-reducing technological breakthrough in the production of its product, a profit-maximizing monopolist will normally: Definition Decrease the price it charges for its product Nov 17, 2008 · Set C'(x) = 0. You'll be able to solve that for x. x is the production level you seek, and C(x) is the minimal average cost. To be on the safe side, you should calculate C''(x) too, and confirm that it is positive, which is what you want if you're looking for a minimum.
Calculate the profit maximizing price. First lets calculate a, 20 + (1000/250 x 3) = $32 calculate b = 3/250 = 0.012 Substituting the values in the Marginal Revenue equation: As profit is maximized when MR=MC, therefore as MC = $8 therefore MR is also $8. MR=a - 2b x q $8 = $32 - 2(0.012)q q = 1000, this is the quantity that should be demanded ...
16. When using CVP analysis to determine sales level for a desired amount of profit, the profit is treated as an additional cost to be covered. ANS: T DIF: Moderate OBJ: 9-3. 17. When computing profit on an after-tax basis, it is necessary to divide the pretax profit by the effective tax rate. ANS: F DIF: Moderate OBJ: 9-3. 18. The profit-maximizing quantity and price are the same whether you maximize the difference between total revenue and total cost or set marginal revenue equal to marginal cost. About the Book Author Robert Graham , PhD, is a Professor of Economics with an extensive administrative background, serving for three-and-a-half years as the Interim Vice ...
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